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Ranch Rules

Welcome to Rancho El Zancudo, we very much want you to enjoy your stay. To facilitate everyone’s enjoyment we have laid out some very basic rules.

We shall make every effort to find a wounded animal, if however, blood is drawn, the final fee will apply. The score of the animal will be the best estimate of the guide.

Guides will endeavor to find the type of animal you wish to harvest. They will give you a “green light” as to whether the animal is suitable to be harvested. The decision to shoot after the “green light” is the responsibility of the hunter. All matters of game selection, safety, and field decisions are the responsibility of the guide.

All hunts includes lodging, meals and guide and field dressing.  The hunt is not guaranteed but should a buck be passed or missed by the hunter, all obligations have been met a hunt will be paid for in full.

No firearms allowed in the house. Unloaded arms are kept outside in the gun rack or in a vehicle.

Thank you for choosing to hunt Rancho El Zancudo.
Please take care of our property as if it were your own.

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